Enrich diversity

Are you praying for your colleagues early in the morning before work? Or do you prefer to walk around the train station area at 2am at night to introduce Jesus to really tired people?

“All nations…” To reach "all" it takes everyone. Every age, every subculture, every background. We’re not there yet. You are still missing, together with your experience, your prayers, your dreams, your friends, your life style.

Come and inspire others with your passion and gifts. You will probably find someone who has been waiting just for you for a long while. Join us in celebrating Jesus and the crazy stories He’s writing among us. We’re looking forward to what you have to share!


Enjoy commitment

Hold on, hold fast, be faithful… No matter in what special ways God speaks to you. No matter how little you understand the other person from time to time. Still, God has put you together.

You know how hard that is? We do, too! “Teach them to obey” takes time… but there is no other way: You can only experience the full beauty of God at work in your neighbor by again and again watching, encouraging, exhorting, carrying. No conference could ever replace that.

But a conference can show you people who have been walking together for 20, 7, 2… years. You get the chance to learn from their mistakes and to see the unity that is possible despite all difference. Maybe afterwards you will have an idea of who you want to be walking along side with in the coming years.


Share responsibility

You know that there is nobody who would prepare your spiritual sandwich every day or tell you when it’s time to pray? Maybe you care about 1-2 people, groups, networks who expect exactly that from you?

Congratulations! You’re grown up. You could also say you’re a leader. You know that it’s your responsibility to look for the next step. Too challenging? Oh, yeah. A conference won’t get you out of that. But it can help you to not stay alone in it.

Go together with us looking for next steps and for allies. Meet people who have faced or are facing similar challenges. They’re ready to give advice, to train you and to prepare the spiritual sandwiches for your disciples.

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