14 days to train, teach, inspire and shape each other online.
You have the opportunity to share with others and make new friends during your daily life.
You can get advice on different topics or take part in workshops or share what God has taught you.

We provide the platform, and so many people are just thinking about what they can offer.
What about you?

14 days of train & share

  • Workshops with input, e.g. on prophetic annual planning in a team?
  • The offer of a support module: A targeted training offer from the repertoire of the five-fold ministry (prophecy, teaching, mentoring/shepherding, apostolic work, evangelism)
  • A prayer gathering for a specific topic, e.g. church planting in Central America for those who dream of it, or, ...
  • Counselling, e.g. on your personal questions about families in leadership, and ...
  • Exchange/networking on a topic, e.g. on creativity, particularly...
  • Spending time together with God, e.g. 7 am- half an hour of early morning exercise and then with the same group being just as motivated to pray for your friends and then moving on to ...

    To participate in an activity, register for Leadership Conference here



Overview of all activities: