The next Leadership Conference is coming.

For some of you, LC 2021 will be that living room full of incredible people: those with whom you're already doing stuff together and those with whom you would like to in the future.
For some of you it will be entirely online.

To make it the best LC ever, we are going to give you three sessions.
Each session will have some essential Biblical principles.
Each session will have interviews, stories, and ideas–crafted to translate the principles into your reality.
And each session will finish with sufficient time to pray, to reflect, to clarify, to think, and to plan.

Me and my God

Friday, 5. November, 19:45 - 22:00 Central European Time (CET = UTC+1)

Some people simply don’t want to lead, while others want to lead a bit too much.

It all boils down to two simple truths:
If you don’t know where God wants you to go, don’t try to lead others there.
If you know where God wants you to lead his people, don’t say “But, I’m too whatever.”

In addition to unpacking John 5:17 and engaging with real life experiences, we will ask God what He thinks about you and your next steps.

Me and you and you and you and you and ...

Saturday, 6. November 9:15 - 12:00 Central European Time (CET = UTC+1)

It might have dawned on you from the first session:
God’s will for you is always connected with other people.
But which other people are the right people?  
And do you have to call this, whatever you have with them, “church?”

We are going to do some serious New Testament research, introduce an Australian and a Malaysian, and pray about the “and YOUs” around you.

Me and where we go together

Saturday, 6. November, 19:45 - 22:00 Central European Time (CET = UTC+1)

So, it’s you and Fahid and Claudia and Olga and Benjamin and ...
And Matthew 28.
And everyone hears something from God.
How do you know what is just for you, for some of you, or for all of you?

To close, three leadership teams will put it all on the table, their struggles and their successes. Someone in Berlin certainly will start a tune. Then, the next 12 months can come.